The SeaSport name has long been associated with quality, reliability and performance. That’s because we offer a variety of features to allow you to truly customize the experience you’re looking for. Regardless what your lifestyle needs may be, the ride of a SeaSport boat makes traveling in even the roughest waters enjoyable and consistent.

Kenai 2600

First designed with the most serious recreational fishers in mind, the SeaSport Kenai 2600 sees duty with commercial and charter fishermen, researchers and professional Read More...

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Kodiak 2600

Imagine swinging at anchor in a secluded cove, preparing a hot and delicious meal in a complete galley. Cheerful conversation prevails around the dinette, Read More...

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Voyager 3000

With the Voyager 3000, SeaSport has combined quality construction with first class comfort to create the ultimate family cruising vessel. The spacious cabin offers Read More...

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Pacific 3200

The Pacific 3200 catamaran is a uniquely designed boat with unparalleled performance. The twin asymmetrical hulls create a high speed, stable, and efficient ride Read More...

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