About SeaSport


Outside the new facility in Fairhaven

Family owned since 1955

SeaSport Boats, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company that has been manufacturing boats since 1955. We have over 50 years of boat building experience, making SeaSport one of the longest running, most experienced fiberglass boat manufacturing companies in the United States. Our boat line initially started as the “Sportsman” and evolved into SeaSport in 1983. While we now have boats in many parts of the world, the heritage of the line comes back to the Pacific Northwest and Alaskan waters where a safe, well-built boat is a must. The durability and quality of our boats has not gone unrecognized. Our customers typically have experience, appreciate our quality, and truly value the outstanding effort that goes into constructing every SeaSport boat. They range from weekend cruisers to hardcore charter fishermen. The bottom line is our commitment to quality. This guarantees that each and every customer, however they plan to use their boats, is purchasing one of the finest vessels available on the market today. We invite you to compare our product with the competition; we know it will be quite clear why we are the leader in the industry.


Why should you buy SeaSport?

At first glance, a boat could seem to be everything you want and need when you launch into the water. But buyers soon remember that it’s more than looks that determine satisfaction, performance, and quality. SeaSport believes that serious boat owners are looking for a vessel that they can rely on to safely take their family and friends to destinations other boats may not be able to explore. A boat should be dependable, efficient, and comfortable. Good looks are a plus, but should come as a result of quality of design.



Built for life

SeaSport utilizes time tested techniques such as knitted fiberglass with a biaxial orientation that is lighter in weight and 30% stronger than traditional materials, coupled with cutting edge technology like Resin Infusion to produce the strongest, lightest, safest boats in the market today. Going beyond the surface of the boat, putting the same quality of construction into every aspect of our models is what SeaSport is all about, prioritizing safety and durability first in every boat they make. That’s why our products are so popular in harsh Alaskan waters where they are one of the best boats available when it comes to structural soundness. Throughout our product, you’ll see the extra dedication to quality that SeaSport constantly strives for when designing and building a boat. Unitized construction takes extra time and effort, but it results in a stronger product that pays off after years of use. In addition, SeaSport’s experience of more than 50 years is evident in boats that are meticulously thought out in every aspect. Built-in wire runs are conveniently installed and tank systems are made easily accessible for inspection, and 316L stainless steel railings assures long term dependability. The best materials and the most advanced construction methods have produced a boat that is safe, easy to operate, and has low maintenance requirements. Why would anyone settle for less?






One look at SeaSport’s functional lines, enclosed cabins, and large self-bailing cockpits tells you that these boats are built for serious fishing. But SeaSport has made sure that every boat it makes retains the flexibility of use you want in a family oriented recreational craft, combining safety with unbeatable performance that you can depend on.



Sensible cabins with comfort and space enough to keep the family warm, dry, and safe are featured in all SeaSport designs. Like the design of the craft itself, cabins are created with comfort maximized and maintenance requirements at a minimum so you can spend more time enjoying the water and less time worrying about the boat. As with everything at SeaSport, quality and durability are stressed throughout our boat interiors. Thoughtful appointments and subtle accents give you a more comfortable and relaxing ride.






While SeaSport’s concentration throughout the design and construction process is on durability, dependability, and comfort, the end product is a remarkably attractive, streamlined boat.